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  • Comfy Bed Pad with Side Tucks for Single Bed

    Price: NZ $79.95 inc

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    Highly absorbent quality bed pad with tuck in flaps and waterproof backing. The size of this single bed pad with side tucks is 115cm x 92cm. 

    This bed pad is very comfortable to sleep on. It has a dermatologically approved skin friendly surface designed to quickly wick away and absorb excess liquid ensuring the user remains dry and comfortable. The user lies directly onto the bed pad. This bed pad is high quality and highly absorbent, it can hold in excess of 1700ml of fluid. Colour: Blue

    This product is machine washable and tumble dryer friendly and you can put it in your washing machine/dryer at home. Colour: Cream

    Key Features

    • High quality made in New Zealand
    • Comfortable to sleep on.
    • Dermatologically Approved Surface
    • Machine washable
    • Tumble dryer friendly

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