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  • Swimmates™ X-Large Size

    Packet Price: NZ $48.95 inc

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    Swimmates™ Disposable Adult & Youth Swim Diapers are worn under a bathing suit to provide containment for bowel incontinence.

    This product provides the user with dignity, confidence and discretion. Feel confident, enjoy the water, and enjoy the advantages of buoyant exercise without the worry of embarrasment. Designed  to have minimal swelling and does not break apart. Wide range of sizes to fit most youth teen and adult swimmers. Keeps the pool environment and bathing suit clean. Latex Free.

    Small Size 22 pieces per packet / Waist Size 56cm - 91cm

    Medium Size 20 pieces per packet / Waist Size 86cm - 122cm

    Large Size 18 pieces per packet / Waist Size 112cm - 137cm

    X-Large Size 14 pieces per packet / Waist Size 122cm - 168cm

    XX-Large Size 12 pieces per packet / Waist Size 157cm - 203cm



    Swimmates™ discreet disposable bowel containment swimwear is designed for one time use under swimwear then torn away and disposed of after swimming.  

    1. Pull up like regular underwear, the back/rear has blue elastic at the waist
    2. To remove, tear the side seams or pull down
    3. Roll the brief and dispose responsibly

    Key Features

    • Highly comfortable
    • Form-Fitting and Discreet to make it easier to hide under swimwear
    • Easy to remove tear away side seam
    • Blue rear waist elastic on an ample, full rise waist panel for a bettter fit that is easy to pull up and down
    • Designed to discreetly contain and secure bowel incontinence