Advance® Disposable Absorbent Underlays & Incontinence Sheets

Advance® Disposable Underlays are latex free and the waterproof polyethylene back sheet protects bedding, furniture or wheelchairs from leakage. 

Suitable for a wide range of uses including when changing incontinence products.

All Advance® underlays feature moisture lock for odour control, when urine is absorbed into the disposable underlay it does not smell. The odour of the urine is neutralised.

These disposable underlays are high quality and quickly absorb moisture and urine away into the high absorbent diamond embossed core of the product. The surface of the product retains a dry to touch feel.

Leak guards and sealed edges are also a feature of our disposable underlays which means that liquid or urine does not flow out over the edge and onto the bed or chair where they are being used.

ContinenceCare stock a full range of sizes of Advance® Disposable Underlays ranging from 40cm x 60cm up to the Advance® Underlay Plus with Side Tucks that measures 80cm x 170cm.