Advance® Dry Wipes & Biodegradable Liner/Wipe

ContinenceCare supplies quality Dry Wipes that are cost effective, efficient, and more hygienic alternative for wiping patients and surfaces than re-useable flannels. Re-useable flannels can cause cross contamination and spread infection.

The quality Advance® Dry Wipe products combine strength with softness for both youth and adult patient cleansing, bathing and the cleaning of surfaces.

Advance® Dry Wipes are strong yet soft, used for wiping soiling from skin during continence pad changes, and for the application of Advance® 3-in- Cleansing Milk and moisturisers to soft and sensitive skin around perineal areas on both youths and adults. They can also substitute as a flannel when showering and bathing.

Advance® Flushable Disposable Liner/Dry Wipe on a Roll is biodegradable and highly absorbent. It can be used as a wash cloth when showering and bathing, as a faecal liner with a nappy or incontinence products and as a general purpose cleaning cloth. It is strong when wet and has a wide range of uses.