Advance® Booster Pads & Faecal Liner Pads

Booster Pads and Faecal Liner pads are for use in conjunction with other incontinence products. 

Booster Pads and Faecal Liners both have a permeable backing allowing urine to flow through into the primary incontinence product.

Booster Pad Use Example: A Booster Pad increases the absorbency of an incontinence product. A person wearing an adult diaper may void a lot of urine at once and require more absorbency to ensure an interrupted rest. A booster pad can be placed inside the adult diaper at the start of the night to provide this extra absorbency and peace of mind.

Faecal Liner Pad Use Example: A person wearing an adult diaper may void faecal matter. A Faecal Liner Pad can be placed in the adult diaper. The Faecal Liner Pad can then be removed from the adult diaper allowing a continued rest without having to change the adult diaper in its entirety. 

ContinenceCare recommends Advance® Booster Pads and Faecal Liner Pads.