Advance® Wet Wipes Range

ContinenceCare offers a range of Advance® wet wipes to help ensure skin stays clean, moisturised and protected. In addition to this to ensure home and hospital remains clean and disinfected we also offer a specialist disinfectant product.

The Advance® wet wipe products specifically for incontinence and skincare are Advance® Cleansing Skincare Wipes and Advance® Incontinence/3-in-1 Personal Hygiene wipes. Both wet wipe products are pH balanced, alcohol free, paraben free, fragrance free, odour neutralising and dermatologically approved.

Every time you change an incontinence product or clean hands using these Advance® wet wipe product, you get gentle care that helps even sensitive skin or delicate skin feel healthy.

In order to ensure hard surfaces and non-evasive medical equipment around the home and hospital remain disinfected and clean we also offer Advance® Disinfectant Wipes. These sanitizing wipes disinfect and clean and feature broad spectrum antimicrobial efficacy.   

All Advance® brand wipes are in a packet with a re-sealable lid to prevent product drying out.