Advance® Incontinence Pads for Men & Women

ContinenceCare offers the Advance® range of absorbent incontinence pads for men and women.

An overview of our disposable absorbent incontinence pads is below. 

Ultra Thin Liners: An ultra thin and super discreet absorbent liner for urinary incontinence. Featuring an adhesive back strip they are best suited for use by women. They can be worn with conventional underwear.

Small Shaped Pads: Small absorbent discreet incontinence pads available in 3 sizes and absorbencies. Suitable for both men and women. Featuring an adhesive back strip and can be worn discreetly with conventional underwear.

Large Shaped Pads: Are for those who are more incontinent, often bed ridden, who void more urine at once and require a bigger and more absorbent pad. They can be used to contain faecal incontinence. Best used in conjunction with Advance® Fixation Pants to ensure the pad is in the correct position.

Fixation Pants: Used as a support garment as and when required with any type of incontinence pad.