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Bringing Up the Subject of Incontinence Products with Your Parents

As uncomfortable as the subject of incontinence products can be to discuss with your parents, it can sometimes be a necessary one. You want them to feel like they still have the independence and dignity they always had, but you also want to be making sure they’re looking after themselves and are as comfortable as possible.

Tranquility™ Bariatric 2XL Adult Pull up Brief now available!

ContinenceCare realises the importance of offering a product for everyone, that wishes to use an incontinence product so they are not excluded from activities or a good nights rest.

ContinenceCare is excited to now offer the highly absorbent range of Tranquility™ Bariatric incontinence products.

How to Order and Pay from/to ContinenceCare

Our top priority is to ensure you can access a reliable supply of quality incontinence products promptly and discreetly delivered.

Please see the ways you can order and pay for products below:

Top Service from ContinenceCare

Our aim is to meet your needs to the highest standard. Our team have many years experience dealing with continence and care related issues. We realise incontinence is a very personal and private issue. We are trained specialists in this area and our service is designed to support and help you manage incontinence issues.


Complimentary Product Samples Packs Available

If you are unsure of the size or what product would best meet your needs, we have sample packets of all products available.

How much do sample packs cost?
Zero, they are complimentary and promptly and discreetly delivered to you by courier.

Updated and Improved Website from 23rd February 2021

In order to improve our service and offering to our customers, we have an significantly upgraded and improved our website. Our new and improved website went live on February 23rd 2021.

We offer a High Quality and Comprehensive Incontinence Product Range

Our purpose is to provide you with high quality disposable incontinence products and accessories discreetly and promptly delivered. We understand that everyone's situation is different and offer a wide range of products to cater to a wide range of needs.

Advance® Disposable Incontinence Products

ContinenceCare is proud to stock the high quality and comprehensive range of Advance® disposable urinary incontinence products. 

Advance® Incontinence Accessories

To further assist you and compliment our premium range of Advance® urinary incontinence products ContinenceCare is proud to also offer the full range of Advance® incontinence accessories.