Advance® Urine Bag Leg Holder

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Advance® Urine Bag Leg Holder - V2 S 24-39cm - 2 months - 54020

The Advance® Urine Bag Leg Holder is a stretch support garment which provides an inner pocket for safe retention of urinary bags. It can be worn either on the thigh or on the calf.

The inner pocket has a leg bag opening as well as a bottom drainage opening. When used with reusable or disposable plastic urine leg bags, this product will help minimise any contact between the plastic drainage leg bag and the skin preventing skin irritation. Advance® Urine Bag Leg Holders provide a simple and comfortable method for securing the urinary leg bag to your leg, eliminating the problem of embarrassing slippage and disconnection of the catheter. Advance® Urine Bag Leg Holders are made from quality materials which is well suited for both hand and machine washing.

Product Dimensions and Codes:
Note: This product can be worn on around thigh or calf. The measurements given are for the circumference on the area where you intend to use the product.

V1 has a foldover pocket. This means you fold the product over the urine bag to hold it in place.
V1 Small 20cm-36cm Code: 54010
V1 Medium 36cm-50cm Code: 54011
V1 Large 41cm-66cm Code: 54012
V1 X-Large 66cm-81cm Code: 54013

V2 has a built in pocket. This means you insert the urine bag inside the pocket.
V2 Small 24cm-39cm Code: 54020
V2 Medium 36cm-55cm Code: 54021
V2 Large 40cm-70cm Code: 54022
V2 X-Large 65cm-95cm Code: 54023

Pack Quantity: 1 piece.
Carton Quantity: 1 pack/1 piece.

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